Fenmar Diesel & Hydraulics


Testing Stand

With the capabilities for testing open and closed loop applications, digital flow measuring and pressure loading, you will have the confidence of knowing when you have installed your remanufactured components from Fenmar on your equipment, it will be put back to work with no problems.


Our 400 hp caterpillar driven test stand and hydrostatic drive system allows Fenmar diesel and hydraulics the ability to test a wide variety of pump and motor combinations from different manufacturers.

Our testing involves:

> Installation on the test stand

> Pre-filling of unit with clean filtered oil

> Pressure testing of the case to check mating static seals and gaskets, as well as checking rotating seals for leaks.

> Run the unit in direction of rotation to check for internal leakage, system pressure, unit temperature system flow all to manufacturer specifications.


After testing your remanufactured unit it is removed from our test stand and all ports are plugged with plastic caps and plugs to keep contamination out. The unit is then painted and ready for shipping.

Fenmar is dedicated to testing done right.

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